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Discover a wide range of self-care gifts, from Journals, to uplifting mugs and spa sets for you to use at home. 

We have a range of gifts suited for all, depending on what self care means to you.

Spend some time relaxing and re-connecting with yourself 



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Rejuvination Gift Set

Featuring a ‘Happy Mind’ journal to inspire positivity and reflection, a vibrant glaze yellow mug to brighten your day, energy-boosting bath salts to invigorate your senses, and an aromatherapy roll-on for an instant mood lift.

Morning Self Care

Need assistance to start your journaling journey? This set including mind cards and a morning journal has the prompts needed to get started! Enjoy a cup of tea and a candle first thing in the morning

Roses and Radiance

Want to create a spa day at home? This is the gift set for you Inside, you’ll find a stunning peony-shaped display candle, a rose soap bar, a  rose face mask, a hydrating face serum and a nourishing rose body moisturizer to pamper yourself from head to toe.

You’ll Love our gifts

We are known for carefully curated hampers, sure to spark joy when they arrive on your door-step


With meaningful words written on the front and on the pens its the perfect gift for someone who needs a pick me up or just a reminder of how capable they are!


Absolutely Elegant candle gift set! A wonderful range by The Aromatherapy Company. The FLWR range which blends sweet and delicate floral essential oils to create layered aromas evocative of a spring garden.


Inside this gift box, you’ll discover a blossom-shaped wax melt burner, a set of delicate floral tea light candles and an assortment of beautiful floral wax melts. This gift is the perfect one for those who love to spend time enjoying some time at home and creating a relaxing atmosphere. 
Pulse Point Roll on Pen

Carefully curated gifts to help you unwind 

We Carefully curate gifts for everyone to enjoy

Some people enjoy having an encouraging mug for their morning coffee, or some like to plan their day ahead with a journal and an encouraging pen. We also have a selection of home accessories to help you relax with aromatherapy. Hand-made wax melts and burners are a wonderful way to create a relaxing ambiance 


Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive approach to gifts that promote relaxation, health, and happiness captures the true spirit of caring for oneself and others. In a time when the hustle of life seems endless, self care gifts stand out as thoughtful ways to encourage loved ones (or oneself) to pause and rejuvenate. 

Understanding the Importance of Self-Care Gifts

Self-care has transcended the trends to become a lifestyle essential, recognizing the importance of maintaining mental, physical, and emotional health. Offering self care gifts is more than a simple gesture—it’s an invitation to slow down and nourish the soul. These gifts convey understanding and compassion, showing that you care about the well-being of the people in your life. Whether it’s through a self care gift box filled with indulgent treats or a carefully chosen self care gift set, the message is clear: take time to take care of yourself.

The Art of Curating Self-Care Gift Boxes

The popularity of self care gift boxes has risen significantly as more people look to give gifts that matter. A well-curated self care gift box might include items such as aromatic candles, soothing herbal teas, luxurious bath salts, and soft, comforting throws. Each component is selected to contribute to a relaxing atmosphere, creating an all-encompassing experience that pampers the body and uplifts the spirit. These gift boxes are versatile and can be customized to suit any preference, making them perfect for both men and women.

Selecting Self Care Gifts for Women

When choosing self care gifts for women, it’s essential to consider the unique preferences and needs of each individual. Women often juggle multiple roles in their daily lives, and a thoughtful self-care gift acknowledges their effort and encourages them to take a moment for themselves. Luxurious skincare products, rejuvenating facial masks, and elegant aromatherapy diffusers are among the popular choices. These gifts not only offer relaxation but also serve as a reminder for women to prioritize their own well-being amidst their busy schedules.

Thoughtful Self Care Gifts for Men

Self care gifts for men are crafted to provide relaxation and comfort, yet are often overlooked. Men’s self-care can include a range of items from high-quality grooming products to tech gadgets that help unwind and disconnect. For example, a deep tissue massage tool or a high-tech sleep aid can make excellent self-care gifts for men, helping them to decompress after a long day and maintain their health in a practical yet thoughtful way.

Diverse Self Care Gift Ideas for Everyone

The beauty of self care gifts lies in their versatility and universal appeal. There are countless self care gift ideas to explore, each capable of providing a unique way to unwind. Fitness enthusiasts might appreciate a self-care gift set that includes post-workout recovery aids like foam rollers and muscle soothers. For those who seek mental clarity and peace, meditation cushions or guided journaling sets could be the perfect choice. The key is to match the gift with the recipient’s personal interests and needs, ensuring it adds value to their routine.

Why Choose The Happy Gift Company for Your Self Care Gifting Needs?

At The Happy Gift Company, we understand that the quality and thoughtfulness of a gift can significantly impact the recipient’s experience. That’s why we are committed to sourcing the finest products that truly embody the spirit of self-care. Our diverse range of self care gifts ensures that there is something for everyone, regardless of their tastes or preferences. We also prioritize sustainable and ethical practices in all our offerings, aligning with the values of those who care not only for themselves but also for the environment.

In conclusion, self-care gifts are more than just items; they are a meaningful expression of love, care, and concern. They serve as gentle reminders for your loved ones to take time for themselves, rejuvenate, and cherish their well-being. At The Happy Gift Company, every self-care product is selected with the utmost care, ensuring that your gifts are as beneficial as they are beautiful. Whether you’re looking for gifts for self-care to celebrate a special occasion or just because, The Happy Gift Company is your trusted partner in delivering joy and wellness. Find the perfect way to say you care.

Self Care Gifts

Self Care Gifts Price list Price
Soothing Gift Box £44.99
Plant Lovers Gift Hamper Box &nbsp&nbsp £44.99
Shower Care Kit £43.99
Rejuvenation Gift Set £42.99
Relax and Unwind For Her £40.99

Self Care Kits

Self Care Kits Price list Price
Hand Care Kit £19.99
Shower Care Kit &nbsp&nbsp £43.99
His Spa Kit £33.99
Stitch Your Travels Map Notebook Kit    £31.99
Lip Care Kit £14.99